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  • World of Warships Content Creator Guidelines
  • World of Warships Content Creator Guidelines

    (“The Guidelines”)

    Creating content about video games is a wonderful but not always straightforward process. To make it easier for content creators to stay in line with intellectual property and specifically copyright policy, we have set out the following guidelines for using gameplay, screenshots, any other graphical, audiovisual and any other content from our game (“Gaming Content”).

    1. You may create, upload, livestream, and monetize videos, podcasts, blogs, and any other content you create through online livestreaming, video-on-demand websites, and content creator support platforms using our Gaming Content. The direct sale or licensing of Gaming Content to another third party for a fee of any kind is only allowed with our direct permission.
    2. If you want to use the intellectual property of a third party (e.g. music) together with our Gaming Content, you are responsible for obtaining any necessary third-party permissions. Game soundtracks may not be posted or distributed separately and apart from game footage.
    3. It is prohibited to:
      • Disseminate false and untrue information as part of the Gaming Content, as well as any other information contrary to the applicable laws.
      • Publicly disseminate information about types and methods of violations of the End User License Agreement, as well as publicly call for violations of the End User License Agreement.
      • Imply or state that your Gaming Content is officially affiliated with or sponsored, endorsed, or approved by us unless you are part of affiliated Wargaming programs or creating advertisements sponsored by Wargaming.
      • Publicly release information, Gaming Content, and any other materials shared with you under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or via channels not available to the public, inter alia on online live streaming websites, unless you have received written permission from us via an official communication channel.
    4. In case there is content that we believe is unlawful, infringing on third-party rights, inappropriate, or not in line with these Guidelines, we reserve the right to take measures, including but not limited to warning you about it, applying game access restrictions, and revoking the right to use our intellectual property to create content.

    These Guidelines will be updated from time to time.

    The purpose of these Guidelines is not to introduce any kind of censorship and/or prohibit criticism of our game or our company. Even in case of possible violations we would prefer to talk first. We will be "sanctioning" channels in only the most extreme circumstances, as we have found that there are some very rare occasions where we are left with no other choice. When content goes beyond criticism into an area of slander, with demonstrably false information and personal attacks, we are forced to take action. This document serves as a basis for such action by laying out rules for what is acceptable.

    We hope that the above Guidelines are set out clearly. However, please understand that we do not guarantee that we will be able to respond to individual enquiries regarding these Guidelines. If you still have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions set out below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do the Guidelines cover video uploads or livestreams as well?

    These Guidelines cover uploads, livestreams, and other content you create (e.g. podcasts).

    Can I monetize the content I create if it includes your content?

    You are allowed to post, stream, and monetize content you create based on our Gaming Content using existing content monetization platforms (video upload, streaming, and content creator support platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, etc.). The direct sale of content you create based on our Gaming Content is only allowed with our prior explicit permission.

    What about business organizations, do the Guidelines apply to them?

    The Guidelines are only applicable to individual content creators.

    What do you mean by content that is "unlawful, infringing, or inappropriate"?

    You must always abide by the terms and guidelines of the platform on which you upload or stream your videos. We also expect your videos to be compliant with our EULA, Game Rules, and other documents and guidelines. You must not create, publish, or make available the following content:

    • Intolerant content
      No hateful language or discrimination against other users or group of users.
    • Dangerous content and illegal content
      Follow all applicable laws, and do not encourage or take part in illegal or dangerous activities including but not limited to drug use, animal cruelty, piracy, hacking, etc.
    • Graphic violent content and sexual content
      Do not post content that glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others, and also do not post content that is intended to be sexually gratifying or any other sexual content.
    • Insulting or disparaging content directed at Wargaming employees
    • Infringing content and unauthorized content
      Post only content that you have created or have permission to use. This can include images, music, clips of movies, video games and television programs, logos, works using the name or likeness of real people (especially celebrities, influencers, or any other public person), and written materials.
    • Content in violation of the products age ratings
      Content must comply with the assigned age rating requirements per product at all times, in all videos/content created for Wargaming.
      No sex, drugs, discrimination, profanity, or fear element should be present in the content.

    When posting content promoting Wargaming or Wargaming titles, you should abide by the following:

    • Do not modify intellectual property directly provided to you by Wargaming or any of its agencies. This includes images, videos, logo(s), and any other materials.
    • Comply with all applicable laws, game rules, and regulations in the creation of content, as well as the terms and conditions and policies of relevant social media platforms or games that may be used as part of providing the content creation services.
    • All statements in the content should always be honest and truthful, as well as based on actual experiences. Do not make claims that are not factual and cannot be verified by facts.
    • When developing content pertaining to Wargaming or World of Warships, refer to any materials supplied by Wargaming for brand standards, proper product names, and program information.